Associate Shooting

When you can't be there as a photographer, associate shooting is the way to go. Scroll down to learn more about my associate shooting approach, what's included when you book me as your associate photographer, and what to expect for follow up after the wedding day.

Nirmal & Micah
University of Houston - Houston, TX
Associate for: Souke Shoots

Jade's Approach

When I associate shoot, I work with the couple in the same way you would: with care and enthusiasm about their big day. I want to give your couple the best experience as I can when I step in for you so they can focus on their wedding day. My focus is ensuring the couple can have their day captured while making sure the photography experience is enjoyable and smooth. I want them to remember their wedding, not remember how many photos they took during their wedding.

Associate Shooting

What to expect:

  • Full coverage based on the amount of time you booked with the couple
  • Second shooter availability
  • File delivery 1-2 days after the wedding via digital file transfer system or SD card swap
  • 2 camera body system
  • Open communication


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