20/20 Visions!

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Ringing in the new year with some thoughts...

Excuse the title pun but it's been a long year... There were points when I truly didn't think I was strong enough to push through but here we are! Stronger and better than ever, ready to tak on 2020 at full speed. There have been some low points during the year (yes, I will touch on that), but in the end, it all works out. Everything works out. All I can hope at this point is I learned my lesson for the year, because there's always a takeaway.

Shoot Featured:

New Year's Eve Styled Shoot!

I was recently invited to shot a NYE themed styled wedding shoot. It was a last minute ask but I was really excited to have another adventure on a bright and early December Saturday. Everyone was in high spirits and a little bit stressed but that's normal for a styled shoot. I got to meet exceptionally cool people throughout the entire shoot.

If you don't already know, there's one driving force behind styled shoots: Opportunity.

In each styled shoot, the reason why you're even participating is because you are trying to open up opportunities for yourself. It helps that you're working with other people to acheive the goal but the primary goal is to book more events (weddings, quinces, parties, etc.) from your collaboration. Opportunity drives your desire to create, making your idea part of the bigger picture.

And this opportunity was very exciting because it reminded me that I have something to look forward to: the new year!

Resolutions in the past...

A couple years ago, I stopped making a yearly resolution. I wanted myself to do the same thing every year that I didn't do it and I figured trying run the same race wasn't working for me and it was never going to work. You can't expect a different outcome when you're putting in the same results. That doesn't mean that you fargo making goals entirely but it just means don't hold yourself to the same thing if it's been proven not to work for you.

2019 was another year of no resulutions. It has been a go-with-the-flow system that works because I surprise myself. New adventures, new people to meet, new ideas. I found myself trying different things throughout the beginning of the year that didn't exactly hit. Of course, like anyone would, I went through a creative slump. That made everything worse when it came to my ideas not fitting in the grand scheme of things.

2020 resolutions? Not feeling them.

My 2020 is already looking bigger than I could ever imagine. By far, I didn't think I'd be booking so many weddings before the year even started and that's just the weddings alone. I've already got a couple places on my travel list and there's no way to tell how many more places I'll go. It's honestly intimidating to know that I will be busier than ever before but it's exciting because it's something I love: seeing people in love with one another.

I am giving love a chance each time I step inside a wedding venue. I am giving love a chance to blossom, a chance to grow, a chance to create something original. In my world, original content is king because I don't want to create the same content over and over. I don't want to work by a specific system or give my videos a formula to follow that makes them successful. I don't want to follow algorithms because it makes my content feel like I'm doing it for public consumption and success via likes when all I want is to let the couples know that their special day meant something that will last forever.

In 2020, I don't have a resolution. All I plan to do is let couples know that they are special.