Self Care: Taking a Break


Let's be honest:

It's easy to run yourself into the ground doing something you love. The easiest tasks can become the biggest stretch and it becomes hard to even consider focusing on a simple task. When you're doing something you love, you go at it full force and suddenly, you're sick of doing it. It's like listening to the same song on repeat until you can't stand the song, whether or not you chose to listen to the song at all. When you're only focused on the thing you love, it's hard to think about anything else but that thing you love.

As a business owner, it's hard to do things in moderation. I want to make sure there's always something going and I'm always working on a project. I always want to be working towards a goal so taking time to slow down is hard for me because it doesn't seem like I have enough of it. There's never enough hours in the day to figure out what I'm able to do so I try to do everything. And that can be my downfall sometimes: going too fast (too furious).

Model: Mary Jo

I shot with Mary Jo in Summer 2019. When I met her, she greeted me with a smile on the parking garage rooftop. We immediately started shooting with the sunset behind us and the Houston skyline, which was incredibly gorgeous. It turned out extremely well in the photos, highlighted by Mary Jo's even composure.

Self-Care: Almost There!

Talking about self-care is only part of the equation. I can talk about it all that I want but the real struggle for me is actually going through with it. I didn't have resolutions for this year but instead, I decided to create consistent goals for myself. My primary goal was to practice more self-care. When I practice self-care, I'm more creative, more inventine, more genuine in what I create because I'm not forcing anything out of my head. When I'm rested and relaxed, I'm able to do more without worrying about how it looks because I'm more confident in my work.

You should take care of yourself in little ways because when you do that, you're more confident in who you are. You want to be your truest self in all ways. The best way to be your best self is to focus on the little things that matter to your well-being. You want to be your best at all times so you can always be effective in everything you do.

Okay people, let's get in formation!

Looking back on my past work, I can tell when I was experiencing burnout from all the shoots I was doing without taking a real break. I can tell when I am getting tired because it's harder to create, especially creating things I'm proud of. I want to make the best content I can put out because I put my heart into every project.

Self-care comes in many different forms. There's no one way to care for yourself when it comes to doing something that feels right for you. If you like bubble baths and throwing in bathbombs because they're calming and smell nice, you take that bubble bath twice a day and throw in those bombs! If you edit photos to get clarity of mind and slow down the world, then edit those photos at your pace! There's nothing saying a face mask and Netflix binging is the only way to take care of yourself. It doesn't have to be a long and time-consuming process and it doesn't have to be short and quick. Spend time with yourself to get to know what you like and what motivates you to keep going.