Jazmin + Jesus

Fountain View Farm
Jazmin and Jesus touching noses in this couples' portrait pose.
Wedding sparkler grand exit at Fountain View Farm in Splendora, Texas.
Jazmin and her sister exchanging 'something blue' ring in the bridal suite.
Behind the sparklers wedding photo with Jazmin and Jesus' grand exit.
Jazmin's wedding party sitting on the stairs of the reception venue in this group photo.
Full wedding party, large group posing on the reception venue stairs.
Jazmin and Jesus posing after the sparkler grand exit kiss.
Jazmin and Jesus' wedding party celebrating their union as they kiss.
Wedding couple kissing behind the bride's bouquet in this couples' session pose.
Bride and groom smiling in front of a decorated cross and fountain at Fountain View Farm (Splendora, Texas).
Bride and groom posing in front of the sunset with their noses touching in couples' pose.
Groom and groomsmen posing on the Fountain View Farm reception venue stairs.
Bride first look with her father before the ceremony.
Black and white portrait of the bride and groom at Fountain View Farm (Splendora, Texas).
Bride and groom walking hand in hand to the ceremony area during wedding day couples' portraits.
Black and white action shot of the bride and groom's first dance.
bride and groom's end of the night last dance in an empty reception hall.
Jazmin and Jesus' sparkler grand exit photo posing for the camera.
Jazmin and Jesus' first kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony.
Contrasted black and white image in front of the sunset.
Jazmin and her sister hugging after a gift exchange in the bridal suite.
bridesmaid first look at Fountain View Farm.
Bride and groom leaving the reception hall for their sparkler grand exit.
father daughter first look with the bride before the wedding ceremony.
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