Jazmine + Wesley

The Downtown Beaumont Event Centre
Jazmine and wesley during their first dance in front of cold sparklers
Jazmine and wesley's wedding party in a sunset group photo.
Bride and groom cake cutting during the wedding reception.
Bride and groom kissing in front of cold sparklers at the end of the reception first dance.
Bride and groom, Jazmine and Wesley, dancing in front of cold sparks during their first dance
Jazmine and wesley with wedding guests during the grand exit at the end of the weddding.
Groomsmen rushing the groom at once, while he smiles in the middle of the huddle.
Bride hiolding the groom in front of a beautiful sunset.
Bride and groom kissing after wedding toasts while holding wedding glasses.
Bride and groom holding hands at the alter
groomsmen carrying wesley in their arms
Jazmine and wesley's blue and white wedding cake
Groom and groomsmen tossing wesley up in the air
Jazmine and wesley's private last dance at the end of the night, spinning in the reception hall.
Bride, Jazmine, after the bouquet tos.
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