Laura + Libby at The Palm Restaurant


Libby and Laura celebrated their wedding anniversary at The Palm Resturaunt in downtown Houston, Texas.


Libby and Laura met while working at a bar, Libby a server while Laura was a bartender. Creating a lasting experience through work, they have been married since late 2019. As the pandemic shut down the world, Laura’s family from Columbia was unable to celebrate the couple’s union at the time. Years later, Libby and Laura were finally able to celebrate with about 30 friends and family members in an intimate, private reception.

Laura and Libby held their wedding reception in The Palm Restaurant, a classy, understated restaurant located on Green Street, a section of Downtown under the House of Blues - Houston. Under the shade of the Green Street building open-structure building, Libby and Laura had more than enough time to enjoy their wedding anniversary with a portrait session through the open flow of traffic, vehicles passing in the background and during breaks in the session.

Shooting with Laura and Libby, two brides clearly in love, was quite an experience. Through the photos, you can clearly see the fun they had while walking across the street, spinning, twirling, and doing a dip in the middle of the street. Their infectious smiles radiated through the sunlight peaking out from behind the Houston Skyline.

Inside the restaurant, the photo sessions involved the dark contrast to the bright gallery from outside of the restaurant. With a bright focus on their love, the style of photos matched the emotion that everyone felt: warmth and joy. During the wedding,