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The J. Ernest Media Blog!

Welcome to the J. Ernest Media blog! In the midst of everything currently going on, we've been curating content for you to read about and experiences for you to explore with us. We specialize in multimedia, which includes blogging and writing! We've been putting together different topics to cover all about the beginning to end of the wedding process, especially things you should know from the media standpoint.

What to Expect:

With every blog post, you can expect photos and videos in greater depth with behind-the-scenes commentary and information about all aspects of what we cover. From proposals and engagements to weddings and everything inbetween, we've got you covered with explinations, Q&A and even occasional guest posts! We're covering everything you can imagine here on the blog and sharing the content to and from our facebook page and group!

As you're looking through our gallery, think about the different things you want to see and send it to us! Have a question? We'd love to answer it! Nervous about your big day? We can put your mind at ease. Excited about something? Tell us! We'd love to hear from you as we put new content together for you.

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